I want to thank the following people for helping me do something I never dreamed I would do ... have a web based business.

  • Steve Laico at searchlightWEB.com for taking my thoughts, ideas and design and producing a website from it all.

  • Skot Yobbagy, the site's official photographer. 98% of the photographs on the site were taken by Skot. You can buy some of Skot's work on the site under Photography, also check out other works at skotyobauje.com

  • Matthew D. Ruderman of On Q Media (onqny.com) for helping me to see beyond the image and start understanding how a website works, his implementation of the site's first video and his excellent piece on Angie Stone.

  • Scott Levine for his piece on Tippi Hedren as part of Hitchcock's Mother Trilogy and Michael E. Lane for his piece on Wagner's Ring Cycle.

  • Patrick Merla - patrickMerla.com, my (silent) editor - I didn't realize how bad my punctuation could be until I got corrections back from Patrick :)